Are you passionate about positive action?


Work @ Idealist.


Work @ Idealist.

Fun work vibes, kind (and kind of hilarious) people, and brilliant benefits aside, there are two big reasons to consider a career at Idealist.

First, you want to use your powers for good. You know that urban myth about humans only using 10 percent of their brains? Well, it's something of a metaphor for humanity: we have so many resources and so much creativity, yet so much good goes undone. You know this, and you want to make a living out of doing something about it.

Second, you want to be working on something that has universal impact, which is ambitiously brand spanking new. The Idealist spaceship is boldly going where no nonprofit has gone before, both technologically and ideologically, and that ignites your imagination. (Curious? Find out more about us.)

Creating technology that moves people to act on their ideas for a better future is one of our primary endeavors. We are perpetually refining our tech stack and process in order to stay ahead of the game. In fact, right now, we're porting our entire site to an isomorphic React application. (If that means anything to you then please get in touch — seriously!)

Background image of Idealists hard at work on their computers in our Portland, Oregon office.

Work with purpose.

"The world is full of people who want to do good and who believe that doing more is possible... The idea that we can in some small way help these people do more is what keeps me going."
— Ami Dar, Executive Director
  • Vision

    To help build a world where all people can lead free and dignified lives by making sure that no opportunity for action or collaboration is missed or wasted.

  • Mission

    To close the gap between intention and action by creating the world's premier Ecosystem for Positive Action.

  • Values

    To act in a spirit of generosity and mutual respect: no violence of any kind; no action against anyone on the basis of their identity; no action about you without you.

Even our benefits have benefits.

We subscribe to the maxim, treat others how you'd want to be treated, at Idealist. So when it comes to supporting you in and out of the office, our benefits package is crafted holistically – extending trust, choice, and flexibility to help you strike your ideal work-life balance. (Prefer the fine print? You can find more details here.)

Paid Time Off

Relax! We offer FT staff 20 PTO days in year 1 (+ more as you go) + unlimited personal sick time + parental leave + 10 holidays. Loving it here for 7 years? Take a 2 month paid sabbatical to do anything.

Health Insurance

You need it; we offer it. Medical, dental and vision plans + an employer paid (read: free $$$) health reimbursement account (HRA) to help cover usual out-of-pocket expenses. Got family? We offer options to cover your spouse/domestic partner and kids, too.


It's never too early to plan and we help you reap the benefits of compounded interest. Our 401k plan comes with a quarterly employer match that is vested immediately.

Dependent Care

If your family responsibilities require you to secure childcare or eldercare so you can do awesome work with us, we have a reimbursement program to help you cover some of those costs.

Wellness & Learning

If you're into flying on a trapeze, learning 1001 ways to prepare bacon, brushing up on your Esperanto or jamming in a studio, we're into it, too. Live by your yoga or crossfit schedule? Or do you just need a massage? We reimburse many such activities.

Your Safety Net

For the things you don't think about until you really need them, we've got you covered: short- and long-term disability insurance, life insurance, and an employee assistance program are all in place for those unexpected times.

Convenient Stuff

Our offices are located in easily accessible neighborhoods. Our PDX office has a secure bike room and showers. If public transit is your MO, you can purchase your transit pass (either city) from us with a pre-tax payroll deduction.

Break (FUN!) Time

Each location has its own personality and favorites; both offer gourmet coffee (and fancy machines), teas, sweet snacks, savory bites, fresh fruit and weekly lunches. Happy hours, a summer fun day, staff retreats and chair massages are part of the gig, too.

Join us in one of the finest cities in the world.

We have offices in Portland, Oregon, and New York City. Which office is finer? You decide.

Composite image of the Idealist offices in New York City and Portland.
New York Portland

New York


The 11th floor view of the Empire State, Chrysler, and Flatiron buildings make it tricky to forget which city you're in. But, in case you do, step out onto Fifth Avenue: tripping over Madison Square Park should confirm it. Unless you're in a food-coma from gourmet snacking in the fully stocked kitchen (in which case, you might as well be in heaven).

The Communications team which includes a video production duo and houses Idealist Careers is based in New York, as are the Development, Organizations and Donors teams. The New York International team manages the Spanish and French language websites.

Current openings in New York, NY

    Sorry, no current openings.




BBQs on the balcony with panoramic views, indoor bicycle parking and showers, cafes and bars abound, and sneezing distance from the MAX and waterfront: did somebody say lifestyle? The office in Old Town is set up for agile, collaborative software development with dedicated pairing rooms featuring glass whiteboard walls, plenty of beanbags for your hacking comfort, not to mention snacks and (real) espresso.

The Tech team uses many technologies in pursuit of our mission. Behind the HTML5 and Javascript, we make heavy use of Python, AMQP, PostgreSQL, Redis, Xapian and a great many open source libraries and tools. We love open source and our names are in the contributors lists of many of the projects we depend on. Idealist Grad Fairs and the Support team also work out of Portland.

Current openings in Portland, OR

    Sorry, no current openings.