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OOportunidad de voluntariado

Special Needs Academy - Volunteer with Special Needs Children

Oportunidad de voluntariado

Oportunidad de voluntariado publicado por: AfriVol Ghana Foundation

Publicado el: 25/10/2013

Descripción de la oportunidad de voluntariado

MultiKids Inclusive Academy (MKA) is an inclusive school for children with learning needs as well as mainstream students. The school builds confidence and competency in all children through providing an enabling environment which can empower all students to reach their full potential.

This Special Needs School embraces all children's needs from those with learning, language or social challenges to the gifted and talented. M.K.A. contributes to the well being of the Ghanaian society by reaching out to the community by providing training to Ghanaian teachers on inclusive teaching and supporting those in challenged schools (Ghanaian government or public schools).

Currently, the Academy is incorporating a mixed therapeutic input to their regular curriculum. They work with children aged 3-18 years through therapy, mainly speech and language, music, occupational therapy and physiotherapy.

One of the sectors of the Ghanaian educational system that is hardly given any attention is the education of children with special needs. Inclusive education in Ghana is more about meeting the needs of students with special needs in an educational system swamped by huge numbers of untrained teachers. This worrying trend is gradually being slowed through the work of schools such as the MultiKids Academy and New Horizon Special School. MultiKids is recognized in Ghana as the first Inclusive Education Institution that offers a full time UK National Curriculum.

Placement categories

Special Needs Teacher

An experienced and trained special needs teacher is urgently needed to support the work being done at the school. Students currently pursuing studies in special needs are welcome.

Special Needs Teaching Assistant

A special needs teaching assistant is required to assist our teachers in various classes. The teaching assistant will focus on offering one-on-one assistance to the children.

Speech & Language Therapist

A therapist is required to work closely with children of different ages with varying levels of speech and communication disorders.

Music Therapist

A Music Therapist is needed to use music creatively to help their clients address social, emotional or physical problems.

Occupational Therapist

The services of an occupational therapist are needed to devise treatment programmes to increase the children's ability to carry out activities or occupations independently, and with more confidence.


The school needs the services of a Counsellor to offer advice to both children and their parents to contribute to the welfare of the children.

Web Designers-ICT

A web designer is required to work as part of the ICT team and to troubleshoot IWBs for all classes.


A dedicated volunteer is required to provide treatment to children to develop, maintain and restore maximum movement and function throughout their normal activities.

Cómo solicitar el puesto

Please email for an application form.


Accra, Greater Accra Region, Ghana


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