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OOportunidad de voluntariado

Micro Finance

Oportunidad de voluntariado

Oportunidad de voluntariado publicado por: AfriVol Ghana Foundation

Publicado el: 28/01/2014

Descripción de la oportunidad de voluntariado

Our microfinance placement is with a non banking financial institution, which believes it can play a key role in ensuring that its objective is achieved by reaching out to the unreached in the banking sector and making available to small business entrepreneurs much needed credit and advisory services to expand and improve their businesses.

Our primary objective is the creation of credit opportunities for small businesses in need of funds to overcome an identified challenge. We evaluate the current culture of our clients to discover their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to their businesses. Our team of professional experts, then work together to arrive at a solution to the problems identified and turns those hindrances into growth potential for their business.

Available Placements

Micro Finance Advisor

We require the services of a micro finance advisor to help identify and develop micro finance packages which are available to clients. The volunteer/intern will also assist with training programmes aimed at educating clients on good business practices.

Entrepreneur Development Officer

The Development Finance Project requires the services of an Entrepreneur Development Advisor to focus on identifying and providing services to aid entrepreneurs engaged in small business enterprise.


We need students to assist with day to day work at our branches in Accra. Persons studying business administration, finance, or any students with an interest in microfinance and development are urgently needed.

Office Assistant

The services of an office assistant are needed to welcome clients, take their basic information and be the first point of call for clients. The volunteer office assistant will also assist the credit department in their work.|** ]]

Cómo solicitar el puesto

Please email for an application form.


Accra, Greater Accra Region, Ghana

Tiempo requerido

Menos de 3 meses
Tiempo requerido
A tiempo completo (30-40 horas a la semana)
Días de la semana
Entre semana
Horario flexible
Fecha de comienzo y finalización