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OOportunidad de voluntariado

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Oportunidad de voluntariado

Oportunidad de voluntariado publicado por: Helping Enrich DC

Publicado el: 20/08/2010

Descripción de la oportunidad de voluntariado

Helping Enrich DC has introduced a youth initiative to enhance the reading and comprehension skills of children throughout the DMV area. The EarPhone project is a free service to families interested in increasing reading levels of their children.

I'm sure you're wondering how you can help.

Schedule a visit to Helping Enrich DC's office this week and choose a book. We'll record you independently reading one or two chapters of a book. Once it's done, any parent/child can access it via a toll-free number. At the close of your selected reading, you will announce your (first) name and your occupation. This will serve to peak a child's interest in numerous career paths, all while being encouraged to continue reading.

Helping Enrich DC is encouraging parents as well as students to obtain a library card. A family can turn off the television, push away from the computer and give that electronic game a break. The overarching theme is to promote literacy and nourish relationships that can be shared for years to come.

Why should kids have all the fun? Sign up today to create access to a new world. Let the child within you encourage the children of today!

Cómo solicitar el puesto

To schedule a time to read, email

Metro: (McPherson Square_orange/blue line one block away)

Telephone: (202) 379-4763


1413 K Street NW, Suite 1000, Washington, DC, 20005, US

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3 meses o más
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