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roanna martin-trigona


Mi historia

ROANNA MARTIN-TRIGONA New York NY 10022 USA mobile & text 1 646 510 6040 LinkedIn:

Core Skills Summary

• Content development for high compression mobile streaming & A V conferencing apps • Solid public relations career working with high level governmental, cultural, & media executives with strong media placement and international background. • 10 years of special event and international conference planning • 10 years of non-profit with international organizations & academic institutions • 5 years as marketing manager • Fully fluent in advanced written/spoken French, Spanish, Italian and English • 5 years in website translation & management of large volume translation projects


2013 to present- Alpha Omega International Inc. Director of Content Development for distributor of live and pre-recorded high compression mobile streaming & audio video conferencing apps. New York, NY/Arlington, VA.

2006 to 2012 – Monaco: Media, public relations, event planning, translation Eric P. Graf Admin, Promotion of NGO Federation startup for securing of operating funds 2012 Gian Luca de Francisci. Promotion of Forex services., Monaco

2008-2011 Mathieu Burthey. Financial Services translation for Phenix Group, Geneva, Switzerland 2012 "Les Jeux Olympiques des Petits Etats"; 'Small States Olympics' Monaco: Edited/Translated daily newsletter in 12 sports disciplines for Monaco Press Office 2007 Rouben Elbakian,opera tenor and Marie Azizian,: Promotional translation.

2009-2011 Stephanie Boy,Tendance Promotion of website TV targeting events on Cote d'Azur. PR; 2009 Special Event Consultant : Promotion of Nelson Mandela Fundraiser Gala. Monaco

2007 Garbarino Interior Design; Promotion and launch of new store location 2008

1984 to 2006 – New York • Public Relations and Branding: George E. Mathysen-Gerst: Operations and Marketing Manager for international private art dealer, New York and Geneva; promotion/research/sales. Sold works for private treaties with Sotheby's, Christies, collectors 1987-2005

Robert E. Fulton, Jr. Public relations and media campaign for internationally known inventor/ photographer/ author. Secured interviews NPR, CNN, New York Times, Vanity Fair. Organized marketing of photos and sculpture in high end exhibition: New York hosted by Peter Beard at Exhibit A Gallery, Soho, (April 2000) New York City and Newtown, Connecticut. Supervised production and marketing of new book, The Long Journey Home - The 1932 Motorcycle Voyage of Robert Fulton, Jr.1997-2001

David Wood Associates Worldwide Pharmaceutical branding and marketing consultant. Generated new product names as member of multilingual cross cultural focus groups 1990-2001

• International Conference Planning: United Nations Environmental Program - The Hague, Netherlands/Nairobi, Kenya with Global Program for Action in preparation for World Summit for Sustainable Development, August 28- 2 September 2002, Johannesburg's Special Oceans Event, "Uniting for the Oceans: People, Oceans, Stewardship".

Media. Coordinator. State of the World's Children Forum UNICEF, New York December 2000. Reported to Mohammed Waheed Hassan, current President of the Maldives. MEDIA Focal Point for UNICEF working group for SOWC

2001 Launch with UNICEF Departments of Education, Health and Communication and coordination of visiting panelists and technical experts from around the world in early childhood development (ECD) in prep for September 2001 Special Session on ECD. Co-hosted by Rob Reiner and Susan Sarandon

Messengers of Peace and Goodwill Ambassadors at the United Nations Conference United Nations, New York. The United Nations and Celebrity Advocacy in an Age of Cynicism moderated by CNN's Riz Khan. With Kofi Annan, Muhammad Ali, Michael Douglas, Harry Belafonte, Sir Peter Ustinov. Media and marketing for fundraising coordinator. October 2000

Global Partners Polio Summit; United Nations, New York: Reported to Vanessa Tobin, Project Director. Organized Summit Conference with four partner agencies toward a $1 billion 5-year plan for global polio eradication: UNICEF, World Health Organization (WHO), Center for Disease Control (CDC), and Rotary International. Media prep and coverage, with marketing event coordination for fundraising. Worked with: Ted Turner, Tim Wirth, Mia Farrow, Thaddeus Farrow, Donna Shalala, Dr. Gro Brundtland, Carol Bellamy, Dr. Aminat Ndalolo. May-Sept 2000

15th Anniversary of Chernobyl Nuclear Accident Secured celebrity speakers, including Alexandra Cousteau, and generated media coverage. 2001

The WILD Foundation PR-Media- Branding; April 22, 2002 "Earth Day" 3rd Annual WILD Awards Gala honoring Patagonia, Weyerhaeuser, Delverde Pasta, for outstanding corporate branding and marketing in wildlife conservation, environmental support, integrity in advertising with use of wild animals & natural habitats. Coordinator

• Columbia University School of Law / Coudert Brothers Attorneys at Law Senior Legal Research Associate- reported to Ambassador Richard N. Gardner, Henry L Moses Professor of the Law of the Sea, former U.S. Ambassador to Spain under Clinton, former U.S. Ambassador to Italy under Carter, and Foreign Policy Advisor to the American Democratic Party. Acted as media relations supervisor. Worked with Carlo de Benedetti at Olivetti, Italy; Marella and Gianni Agnelli; Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies, Trilateral Commission, Foreign Policy Association, UN Association Commission on Remote Sensing, ICBMs and Star Wars, Salzburg Seminar and Coudert Brothers. Speechwriter for Democratic Presidential hopefuls Al Gore, Walter Mondale, Geraldine Ferraro, Mario Cuomo, Michael Dukakis. 1984-1987

• Translation Services: McKinsey and Company In charge of team of linguists and legal experts.1996-2006 providing legal translation coordination for Legal Department in 12+ languages. Websites: Produced all translations from English into French, Spanish, and Italian. Responsible for coordination of all translations except Russian, Arabic.

ASSOCIATIONS: The Nature Conservancy, International Association of Conference Interpreters [A.I.I.C], NY Circle of Translators [NYCT], American Translators Association [ATA]. Jazz Foundation of America.

EDUCATION: University: 1976 MA University of Colorado; Linguistics and French; Highest Honors 1973 BA Tufts University/Jackson College; French Language Translation & Interpretation: French, Spanish, Italian, English Certified by Georgetown University School of Languages and Linguistics and A.I.I.C. Geneva [Association Internationale d'Interpretes de Conference] 1979

1979 Georgetown University, Washington D.C; French. Spanish, Italian, English Certificate of Proficiency in Simultaneous Interpretation and Translation 1978 United Nations Graduate Student Internship Program; Diplomacy; Conference Interpretation



UNICEF Vanessa Tobin, UNICEF, Project Director for Polio Summit (above) NEW YORK Tel: 203 892 7572 Email:


Eric P. Graf, Vice President, OIMG, OIMG: Organisation Internationale des Mediateurs Geneve International Organization of Mediators Geneva [focus on Sustainability & Peace Mediation] Geneva Tél. OIMG : +41 22 550 01 50 Mobile : + 41 79 345 85 05 Email :

WEBSITE TRANSLATION and TARGET CONTENT SUPERVISION: Croll-Reynolds, Inc. Responsible for all translations from English to French, Spanish, Italian. In this case, I translated, proofread and researched all of the target content myself. Samuel Croll III Croll Reynolds Inc., President and CEO Parsippany, N.J. Tel. 908 232 4200 Email: Mensana Clinic, Inc. Responsible for all translations except Russian and Arabic. In this case, I outsourced translators, proofreaders and specialists to produce the target content. Nelson Hendler MD, Chronic Pain Specialist Palm Springs, California and Stevenson, Maryland Tel 443 277-0306 Skype also available Email:

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