Jesse Mulert


Mi Historia

I am a true generalist with four years of non-profit administrative experience and six years in the service industry.

My core skill is actually to learn entirely new skills quickly, and I learn as much while off the job as on. I don't often gain mastery in the way a specialist will, but I keep a thousand little tools in my box, all of which I use better than average. This is not to say that I am without focus or discipline, but I've learned that I'm at my fullest potential when approaching something totally foreign and challenging.

Other strong skills include a natural leadership ability, grace under fire, strong judgement, and deep, empathetic understanding of customers and their desires. I have a formally honed communicative skill set, a broadly influenced sense of design, and creative aptitude. I am also quite technologically proficient, especially with Office, Excel, and VBA. I think critically and analytically, though I'm equally comfortable with intuitive problem solving.

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