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Crowding to a Cause


Recurso publicado por: Causecast

Creado en: 30/11/2012

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A variety of crowdfunding platforms such as Causecast's Community Impact Platform, Start Some Good, and Kiva have been created to specifically service non-profit fundraising, disaster relief and/or social change causes. Through group effort, these platforms enable teams of people to collectively contribute to a cause.

What does crowdfunding for a cause look like in action?

Some CFPs are committed to supporting a specific group, such as Sprigster, which focuses on raising resources exclusively or military veterans. One of the latest crowdfunding platforms to enter the field is HelpersUnite which links commercial ventures with charitable causes, requiring project creators to donate at least 5% of funds raised to a cause of their choice. And sometimes the CFPs get into the corporate philanthropy game themselves to make the world a better place. For example, Causecast employees used team building and a little friendly competition to create a competitive crowdfunding effort, all of which increased donor activity towards local animal rescues, as documented in their case study When Corporate Competitive Crowdfunding Goes to the Dogs.

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