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Corporate Donations Are An Essential Asset You Must Tap


Recurso publicado por: Ryan Scott

Creado en: 29/07/2012

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Fundraising and development are inescapable realities for nonprofits. And while there are lots of great non profit fundraising ideas out there, one of the most important and poorly leveraged is corporate philanthropy.

Maybe you're a newly designatetd 501(c)(3) and have only just started assessing funding sources. Or you're a well-established organization, one that's cut its teeth in the annual scramble to acquire funds to sustain your operating budget while growing your program-specific allocations. Either way, barring an extensive network of wealthy donors or insider connections at leading foundations, it takes a certain degree of strategy and effort to competitively position yourself for funds.

The good news is this: now more than ever, corporations are finding that by supporting their employees in cause activities, they can increase employee engagement. That's why corporate employee volunteer programs and workplace giving initiatives are taking on ever increasing significance.

So how do you capitalize on this important trend? In this report your learn how to leverage corporate philanthropy for fundraising.