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friends of african child kenya(volunteering and community development)

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CHILD CARE OUTREACH PROGRAM We have started child care outreach program in our centers both in Nairobi and Kisumu. Due to high poverty rates


The friends of African Child Kenya is a registered community based development organization. It is a non profit, non- governmental organization which was started to empower the youth socially, economically, encourage and improve the quality of life of Kenyan communities. We are coordinating between local communities, organizations, and volunteers to participate in voluntary work in Kenya. When you volunteer in Kenya, you have an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of under privileged children, orphans, and adults by providing, education, medical care, while sharing your knowledge and compassion with the local people, you will have a chance to make a personal contribution and connection to the people of Kenya.


Our vision is to connect people with communities in need by supporting the education and charitable work through the placement of international volunteers, distribution of financial and material donations.


To connect the people in need within the realm of the reality for the better results by directing services to their intended frontiers of knowledge, expanding dynamic nature of the society. We are determined to keep in touch with the present without losing it with the past while focusing to the future.

Volunteer programs
When you volunteer in Kenya you will work along side local people and get to know the people and communities as you help people who volunteer in Kenya and to help mitigate the consequences of HIV and AIDS pandemic.While sharing your knowledge and compassion with the local people you will have a chance to make a personal contribution and connecting to the people with different needs. You will also have the opportunity to make difference in the lives of under-priviledge children and adults by providing education, cancelling in schools orphanage. HIV education and medical care. There are many orphanage and around Kenya. These orphanages are located around the city of Nairobi and in the rural areas as well. The orphanage program cares for children who have lost both their parents. As a volunteer you have been a role of sibling to the children a relationship that has been taken for granted.A volunteer must be a caring, motivated and self directed person who has a love for children. You also need to have a humane heart inspire hope where there might be none and empowerment. You must 18 years old.
Volunteers may focus on the following areas:

  1. Children orphanages
  2. HIV and AIDS awareness
  3. Environmental conservation
  4. Water and sanitation
  5. Youth and drugs (counseling)
  6. Education in local schools

Children orphanages

  1. Assist the staff at the child-care centers.
  2. Become directly involved in the lives of many children both academically
  3. and economically.
  4. Play with the children
  5. Help with the home work.
  6. You will also contribute your creativity and talents with the children and become a role model mentor and a friend.
  7. Help with cleaning, cooking and bathing the children.


Quality education for boys and girls is crucial in reducing poverty and promoting gender equality As a volunteer you will help to empower girls and boys by giving them he skills they need to overcome poverty.We have volunteers at thepre-school, primary and secondary level.

  1. Volunteers at pre-school, will teach basic English skills and carryout childcare duties. This role suitable for caring, motivated and self directed person. A teaching qualification is not required except at the secondary level.

Medical and Health program This field requires a volunteer who is trained with a medical background. Have A positive attitude and be flexible to adjust to the living conditions English speaking.

This program is open all year round you can fix the best dates for you. You can become involved in helping develop communities in Kenya, with such a variety of projects this program has something to suite everyone.

  1. You can volunteer either in short term or long term and reach out to the challenged communities and make a difference while experiencing


We have placements in Nairobi, Kisumu, Bondo and other areas throughout the country.

Volunteering Fees

  1. Volunteer pay fees to help sustain and cater for the local projects and the community involved.
  2. Your fees enable us to directly contribute to the goals and needs of your placement. Resources within these communities are very limited and cannot support the cost of meals accommodation, and transportation.

The fees take care of the following:

  1. Airport pick up

On arrival at the airport in Nairobi and departure once you give us your flight details. Our project co-coordinator wills pick you at the JKIA airport.


Including important pre-departure information as well as sight orientation and local culture and customs.

  1. All your placement arrangement and well-being while volunteering is our big concern and priority and ensure your placement is secure and safe
    Accommodation and meals

We carefully select host family to connect you to the culture and social economic and political events in the community and also for security.

  1. You will be provided with two meals that is breakfast and dinner.

Transport to the project Volunteers are transported to and from their placement location by shared bus or shuttle.

Airport pick up-On arrival in Nairobi and departure once you give us your flight details our project coordinator will be at the airport to pick you up.

Orientation –including important pre departure information as well us on site orientation on local culture, history and customs

Placements-All your placement arrangement and well being while volunteering is our big concern and priority and ensure placement is secure and safe. Our coordinator will ensure will provide whatever support you may need at any step along, our supervisor will always assist at the ground.

Accommodation and meals

We carefully select host family connecting you to the culture and social, economic and political events in the community and country. You will be provided with three meals a day and you will be flexible to intervene and assist in cooking/food preparation

Transport to the project.

Volunteers are transported to and from their placement location by a shared van


Is arranged on the last day either at the host family, school or at the community resource centre as away of appreciating your time and ability to give to the community in need.

What is not included in the volunteer fees

International airfare Visa Insurance Medical bill Tours and safaris

Volunteer fees

Cost for 2 week 527 US dollars Cost for3 weeks 634 US dollars Cost for 1 month 741 US dollars Cost for 6 weeks 955 US dollars Cost for 2 months 1169 US dollars

NOTE: Volunteers will pay additional hundred US dollars for every week thereafter.

Volunteer requirements Must be 18 yrs and above Medical background for the medical heath programs Have appositive attitude and be flexible to adjust to the living conditions English speaking If you want to volunteer with us forward the following details to us and we will contact you within two working days.

If you want to volunteer with us you can use the contacts below .

Tel:+254 0723315652 +254 O722702864

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16 may 2008


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