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Society for Health Education & Vocational Training for Slum,street and orphan children

Organización sin fines de lucro

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SHRESTHA is register under Rajasthan Society Registration Act 1958.SHRESTHA objective is try to provide Formal and Informal Education,Vocational training,Nutrition and Health Benefit for Slum,Street and Orphan children.So in this navigation we invite you please visit us and do some for childrento make there bright future.

In slum area, each family has 5 to 6 children and their house is made with

mud and tent type so around on average eight members live in each family and stay in one room.
In Slum area people do not have any fix job they do garbage collection, shoe polish begging and lots of similar work and they do not earn enough money to fulfill their daily needs some time parents are not able to provide food, clothes to their children or even when children fell ill they are not able to provide medicine.
Children want to go school and study like normal children but parents earning not allow sending them in a good school. These children also have lots of talent and eager for learning but the family condition force them in work or work like there parental work garbage collection, begging, shoe polish etc.
Therefore, as per need of these children, we are trying to educate them and we have started a vocation project for their overall development. In our school, we provide them friendly atmosphere and behave with them as a friend. Here we teach them Hindi, English, Maths, Computer, MoralValues.In vocational project children learn making Jewells, art and craft, henna tattoo, tailoring (Bags, pouches and cloth making) so when they young they do their own business or find a good job in company and make their own identity in society.
We also celebrate festivals, and Birthday with them this kind of celebration provides them a lot of happiness and messages.
With the help of this project, we try to stop children with their family because in slum area children face lots of problem some time these creating by parents and some time for their dream. Most of the street children belong from slum area so in our moral values lessons we also teach them importance of family because if any child leave his family and going on street lots of child mafia wait for children and they address very quickly new child in their area and in the beginning they behave with them friendly and try to force them in bad activity just like pocket picking, child labor etc.

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Sitio web:
Número de identificación del gobierno:
88,Prem Nagar,Agra Road ,Jaipur, Same., Jaipur, State of Rājasthān, 302031, India
Fecha de creación:
16th March 2010

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