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Grind for the Green

Organización sin fines de lucro

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01/08/2011 23:38:08
G4G ha dicho
Bringing sustainable power to the people....


Founded in 2007, the mission of Grind for the Green is to move young people of color from the margins to the epicenter of the environmental movement. G4G acts as a communicator of current environmental policy issues and sustainable lifestyle choices to diverse communities. As such, it represents a continuation of the environmental justice movement and its goals of empowering low-income disadvantaged communities to gain access to green economic resources and address environmental challenges. Our aim is to serve as the first step in a viable pathway of engagement and education on environmental issues by providing communities with the information and opportunities to set and achieve goals, be role models for their peers, make responsible consumer choices and pursue careers in the emerging green economy. G4G is helping to catalyze change at the individual, family and community level. All of our social media, workshops, and special events are rooted in an eco-awareness and environmental justice framework, and use music and culture to empower young people with information and knowledge necessary to make informed decisions and take action in their communities. Over the past 3 years G4G has provided environmental education and training opportunities to some of the most hard to reach underserved youth (ages 14-24) in the Bay Area. G4G has served over 1,000 low-income youth of color through its eco-hop infused conferences and special events, provided over 20 youth with "green jobs" and produced the first solar powered hip-hop concert series in the Bay Area.In an effort to bring power to the people, G4G just launched its first social enterprise G4G Mobile, an 8 paneled mobile solar trailer that 3,600 watts of renewable energy. Part billboard, part sustainable power company, part classroom, the trailer will provide solar power to public and private events and deliver eco-literacy workshops to schools throughout California. Community based organizations and businesses also have the opportunity to brand the trailer and run video content on its two television screens as part of a mobile marketing strategy. Satellite events outside of the trailer include: live performances, hands-on activities, cooking demonstrations, mobile device data collection and film screenings. Rather than waiting on communities to "come" to the eco-movement, G4G Mobile will bring the movement to the people. Meeting communities where they are through an edutainment platform designed to highlight local initiatives, best practices, organizations and businesses working to build an inclusive green economy. G4G Mobile represents an innovative model of engagement by fusing the gap between micro-enterprise, culture, education and clean technologies.

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Sitio web:
(612) 568-3006.
2781 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA, 94612, US
Fecha de creación:
December 2007


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