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Logo de la organización

Rural Development Centre Association Cameroon

Organización sin fines de lucro

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20/12/2012 18:43:36
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VISION: RUDEC envisions a positive environment in Belo, Cameroon area communities where persons, regardless of stature and income, are empowered and can achieve their educational, health, and career goals, where the residents have a better quality of life, and, where RUDEC is a highly respected and sustainable organization.

MISSION: RUDEC's mission, as a non-governmental organization, is to continually seek resources that can promote the socio-economic empowerment of the underprivileged, contribute toward community development and skill sharing through voluntary interchange in Belo, Cameroon area communities.

AIM: RUDEC aims its educational, support and community organizing services at the conditions in the community that prevent underprivileged people from meeting their goals primarily through the work of its international volunteers.


-To help the underprivileged (orphan children, youth, families without resources) receive an education, job training and small business development, health and nutritional assistance.

-To build the capacities of communities on modern bee farming and the transformation of bee byproducts.

-To mitigate poverty though the socio-economic empowerment.

-To help reduce the spread of pandemic diseases (HIV/AIDS, malaria,

by providing patient support, behavioral change education,screening, and improved sanitation and hygiene.-To mobilize communities and their youth to be fully involved inenvironmental protections.-To promote tourism in Cameroon as a means of economic empowerment.

Avisos de RUDEC-Cameroon

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  • LOGO DESIGN FOR RUDEC US - Oportunidad de voluntariado

    Última actualización:
    Belo, North-West Region, Camerún
    Do you have skills that would make the image of Rural Development Centre-United State out standing in the community or other non profits? RUDEC US is a non-pro...
  • Designing a website for RUDEC US - Oportunidad de voluntariado

    Última actualización:
    Belo, North-West Region, Camerún
    RUDEC US is a an an independent organisation just incorperated in the USA. This has being form to educate young Americans about Africa, fundraise to carry out p...

Historial de RUDEC-Cameroon

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Organizaciones de RUDEC-Cameroon

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Gente de RUDEC-Cameroon

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    Joshua Chiamba image

    Joshua Chiamba

    Belo, North-West Region, Camerún
    Voluntariado, Donante

Información de contacto

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Sitio web:
Número de identificación del gobierno:
No: 023/ACK/E.32/BAPP
PO box 09 Njinikom,Boyo Division, Belo Babungo Road, Belo, North-West Region, 237, Camerún
Fecha de creación:


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