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PCI is a youth empowerment charity.

While not a household name, PCI is well-known to youth activists, the United Nations and developing country governments as a thought-leader in positive youth development policy. We are one of the largest networks of youth organisations with ECOSOC consultative status with the UN.

Our name comes from a practice discovered in Papua New Guinea where tribes of head-hunters, on achieving peace after a battle, seal the treaty by exchanging a baby: each child grows up with the other's tribe and if – in the future – conflict threatens, those children are sent by their elders to negotiate the peace between them. Such a child is called a 'Peace Child.' This reflects PCI's mission to empower young people to recognise that they can play a crucial role in society before their 25th birthday.

PCI's strategy has always been to reflect the priorities of young people; respond to their concerns and seek funds and expertise to enable adults and young people to work together to achieve their goals. In the 1980s the main concern was ending the US-Soviet Cold War and the threat of nuclear annihilation. After that, environmental sustainability and human rights emerged as dominant youth concerns. At our 6th World Youth Congress in Rio de Janeiro in 2012, young delegates from 151 countries agreed unanimously that PCI should pursue new policies in youth-led job and enterprise creation, especially in the emerging Green Economy. These are therefore our current priorities.


PCI has a board of Trustees who are ultimately responsible for the charity, for its vision and mission as well as its finances and monitoring its performance. They make sure that the assets and property of the charity are used solely for the achievement of our charitable purposes. The Board consists of:

  • ·EirwenHarbottle (Honorary President)
  • ·Tom Burke (Chair)
  • ·Jane Grisewood
  • ·Krishna Maharaj
  • ·Matthew Robinson
  • ·David Burns (Treasurer)
  • ·Julia Race
  • ·Sarah Skinner

Members of the Board include members with expertise in international development and young people; communications; strategy and social activism. The Board includes senior leaders from business, the social investment and voluntary sectors.

Peace Child International is a private company limited by guarantee (Company No 4472212) and a charity registered in the UK (Charity No. 1095189) Our Memorandum and Articles of Association were incorporated on 28/06/02.

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