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ARCHIVE Global strives to improve the poor's living conditions and create healthier communities through innovative architectural /environmental design. Using one basic right – housing, to deliver one basic need - health.

Our vision is achieved through a threefold approach:

  1. Providing households with the information and resources they need to be able to take simple measures to reduce health risks in their home. This includes directly providing information and training to community members and enabling service providers and third sector organizations to provide such resources.
  2. Influencing decision makers at all levels to ensure that sufficient regulation and support exists to protect people from the risks associated with sub-standard housing. Central to this is our desire to see housing as a key pillar of local, national and international public health strategies.
  3. Facilitating practical improvements to homes including renovation of existing housing, the provision of existing products and contributing to the design of new affordable products.
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Fecha de creación: 2007

Número de identificación del gobierno: 13-3873370

Email: Ingresa para ver las direcciones de email.

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Teléfono: 917-793-5901

111 Fifth Avenue, 2nd Floor, New York, NY, 10011, US

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