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Aurora School

Organización sin fines de lucro

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Aurora is a diverse community honoring the mind, heart and imagination of every learner. We are dedicated to developing individuals, who are academically excellent, socially compassionate, and emotionally secure. Families at Aurora actively share in the opportunity to grow along with their children; confident they will thrive in the world.


  • Children Are Born Learners - All children come to school excited about learning. At Aurora, we nurture this enthusiasm and energy by creating a school experience that closely matches the natural learning process and is aligned with current educational research. Our experience proves when school is challenging, developmentally appropriate and fun, children strengthen their foundation to remain self-motivated, independent learners through life.
  • Academic Excellence - Academic excellence is fostered in a spirited atmosphere of invention, curiosity, and collaboration. We believe learning is an active, social, integrated process requiring each learner to construct knowledge of the world in a setting that fosters risk taking, individual challenge and cooperative exploration. Perseverance, professionalism and high standards are the norm in every aspect of our school experience.
  • Taking Risks - Learning flourishes in an atmosphere that encourages risk – one that cultivates opportunities to try, rethink and try again. At Aurora thoughtful communication, expanding self-awareness, sensitivity to others and appreciation for each child's own pace of development leads each learner to achieve success in mastering academic challenges and in maintaining the joy and curiosity to follow his or her own interests and dreams.
  • Family Participation - Parents and families at Aurora are valued and strongly encouraged to be involved in all aspects of families and teachers we are stewards of every child, honoring variations in individual development and learning styles. We are, at once, guiding our children and simultaneously discovering with them the joy and possibilities that lie before us.
  • Service Learning - At Aurora students improve their academic skills by applying what they learn in the classroom to the real world. Service Learning is a teaching method that provides meaningful service to the community, emphasizing social compassion as a cornerstone of personal growth and citizenship.
  • Mutual Respect and Team Work - Aurora is a learning community where all activity takes place in an environment of mutual respect, warmth and genuine caring for each individual. At Aurora we nurture and model learning with humor, independent spirit and teamwork.
  • Diversity and Inclusion - Aurora is a community that actively works to be inclusive. We celebrate diversity, appreciating and encouraging each person to contribute his or her unique value as a member of our supportive community of students, staff and families. We are strongly committed to ethnic, racial, cultural, economic, and familial diversity.

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