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Writing Resistance

Organización sin fines de lucro

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Writing Resistance is a writing and art project for multiply marginalized sick and disabled folks. We work to center the most marginalized people in our communities by building a space for creativity, mourning, affirmation and resistance through art, writing and performance. We celebrate bitterness, love, anger, healing, defiance and survival.


We acknowledge that disability is an umbrella term that can to be applied to a wide range of experiences and identities. Ableism impacts people in different ways because disability is such a wide and fluid experience that is also interconnected with all other forms of privilege and oppression. We value accountability to these differences in power and privilege that exist within our disability communities.
We want to honor the work of the disability rights movements in fighting for increased access but also recognize that our sick and disabled bodies and minds are still undermined, rejected and locked away. We need transformative justice. We need disability justice.
The de-medicalization and de-criminalization of disabled bodies is not possible without addressing racism, classism, transmisogyny, sexism, queerphobia, cissexism, audism, ableism and all systems of oppression that are linked to the medical and prison industrial complexes.
We know art, writing and performance will not free us from these systems, from these institutions, from these oppressions. However, documenting, sharing and expressing ourselves are a part of survival, which is a form of resistance.

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Sitio web:
Seattle, WA, US
Fecha de creación:
November, 2012


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