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Bay Bucks

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Bay Bucks is a complementary currency for the San Francisco Bay Area. The mission of Bay Bucks is to build and support a resilient, local and sustainable economy that creats real wealth that stays within the community. Bay Bucks is committed to building a currency that does not transfer wealth from the bottom to the top, and that encourages sustainable business practices like local sourcing.

One of the primary ways that Bay Bucks accomplishes its mission is through its Business Trade Exchange, a network of local businesses that allows members to do business with each other using a digital currency - Bay Bucks - instead of cash. This benefits business members because they can use their excess capacity or unsold inventory to earn Bay Bucks, which they can then use to buy goods or services within the network, offsetting their cash expenses and thereby increasing their profit margins.

Let's say for example that a local graphic design company needs to hire an accountant to do their taxes at the end of the year. However, it's been a tight year and they don't have enough cash to hire an accountant, but they DO have several employees with unbilled hours that could take on a new design project. They could offer a design project on the Bay Bucks marketplace, and another member in need of design services would purchase their services and pay them in Bay Bucks. Now, they can use those Bay Bucks they earned to pay an accountant - who is also a memer of the Bay Bucks network!

Here at Bay Bucks, we operate the Trade Exchange and help businesses find other local companies who need their goods or services so that they can do as much business as possible without cash. The network and digital currency allow for an efficient and sophisticated kind of trade that does not require direct or "reciprocal" trade. Instead, a business simply offers their own good or service in exchange for Bay Bucks, which they can use to buy the goods or services of any other member at any time.

We also support local non-profit organizations by encouraging our business members to donate Bay Bucks to these organizations, who can then use them to raise funds, pay volunteers, or get supplies they need to accomplish their mission. Soon, Bay Bucks will be available to community members as well! Anyone who lives within a 100-mile radius of San Francisco will be able to earn or purchase Bay Bucks, and be part of an economic system that supports instead of expoits its users.

Visit our website to learn more:

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