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Manhattan Charter School (MCS) is a high performing charter school located on the Lower East Side in New York City, committed to providing every child with the tools and support necessary for success. Operating as a 501c3 nonprofit organization, MCS has been consistently high-achieving since its founding in 2005. The majority of MCS's 270 students are minority, live in the neighborhood, and qualify for free lunches. MCS prides itself on delivering rigorous, standards-driven instruction and fostering a culture of high expectations.

MCS focuses on providing a rigorous curriculum of core subjects to help students achieve high academic levels. MCS is committed to offering a well-rounded education program to all students, which it believes helps students develop critical thinking processes, problem solving abilities and supports their learning in the core subject areas. Music at MCS is considered the "fifth core discipline," and all students receive music instruction each and every day. Other enrichment programs include French, Art, and Physical Education.

MCS children are a true reflection of the community the school serves. Through its work, MCS is demonstrating that all children, regardless of race or economic status, can succeed when given equal access to quality education.

MCS2, a replication school of the established Manhattan Charter School

Manhattan Charter School 2, a replication of MCS, will expand on the work already being done at MCS and believes that by working together more students will achieve high academic levels. MCS2, which opened in August 2012, prepares its students to achieve high academic levels in the four core academic subject areas and music, to communicate effectively in verbal, mathematical and musical languages, and to apply critical thinking processes and ethical standards to learning, living and problem solving.

Manhattan Charter School 2 accomplishes its Mission by offering a rigorous academic curriculum aligned with New York State Learning Standards and providing daily, standards-based, music instruction to every student. MCS2 develops in its students the core critical thinking skills of analysis, synthesis and the application of knowledge by embedding these into instruction in all subjects. MCS2 offers its educational program in an ethics-centered environment that requires and rewards honesty, integrity, trust and respect, and reflects the diversities of New York City.

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