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MEDLIFE is a non-profit organization that delivers medical, educational, and developmental aid to communities in need in Latin America. MEDLIFE has a strong base of student supporters and seeks to empower college-age students in the fight against poverty.

MEDLIFE started as a University of MAINE student group in 2004 and now works with students and professionals from across the United States. MEDLIFE has grown exponentially since its initial founding; now more than 100 colleges and universities currently host MEDLIFE chapters. We operate Mobile Clinics in seven sites in four countries. A full-time staff of workers in Ecuador, Peru and Tanzania coordinate all aspects of our operation.

While we continue to bring student volunteers to assist with our efforts, MEDLIFE has greatly refined its "medical mission" structure over the last five years. We use local doctors, we bring specialists as well as the equipment they need to perform necessary exams and procedures, we coordinate and combine our efforts with the local government and Ministry of Health, and our full-time staff conducts year-round follow-up with our patients. In this way, we ensure that our Mobile Clinics are more than just a band-aid solution to the health care problem in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

We also operate the MEDLIFE Fund -- a separate fund dedicated to fostering sustainable, long-term projects to improve access to Medicine, Education, and Development in poor communities. When we identify a specific infrastructural gap in a community served by our Mobile Clinics, we work together with the community and local government to reach a joint solution. This solution typically involves the construction or augmentation of schools, clinics, or other community programs.

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    Megan Plante image

    Megan Plante

    Santiago de Surco, Lima, Perú
    Daniella Maldonado image

    Daniella Maldonado

    Lima, Lima, Perú
    Trabaja para la organización
    Tim Anson image

    Tim Anson

    Lima, Lima, Perú
    Trabaja para la organización
    Rosali Vela Egúsquiza image

    Rosali Vela Egúsquiza

    Lima, Lima, Perú
    Taylor S image

    Taylor S

    Wayland, MA, US
    Sarah Bixler image

    Sarah Bixler

    Santa Barbara, CA, US
    Nick Ellis image

    Nick Ellis

    Bangor, ME, US
    Trabaja para la organización
    Amanda Vazquez image

    Amanda Vazquez

    Woodhaven, NY, US
    Thomas Flint image

    Thomas Flint

    Half Moon Bay, CA, US

Información de contacto

Fecha de creación: 2004

Número de identificación del gobierno: 26-2916450

Email: Ingresa para ver las direcciones de email. Ingresa para ver las direcciones de email. Ingresa para ver las direcciones de email.

Sitios web:

Teléfono: 1-844-MEDLIFE

Lima Lima, Junín, Perú


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