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JHP, Inc

Organización sin fines de lucro

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JHP operates homeless shelters and shelter-based employment assistance centers in DC and Prince Georges County, MD. While JHP recognizes that lack of housing is by definition at the root of homelessness, we do not think that simply providing a person with housing solves the problem. JHP's programs provide services that help the homeless become self-sufficient, self-actualized members of society thereby increasing their economic choices and opportunities. Our work is guided by the belief that to feel like one belongs, that one has a place and something to contribute, is a basic human need. We operate from the premise that everyone should have the opportunity to become a positive contributing member of society and that people who have been disenfranchised should be assisted in overcoming the barriers that keep them from that goal.

Upon entering a JHP shelter or enrolling in a JHP day program, an individual or family is given an initial assessment to determine current emergency needs and their strengths and barriers to employment and housing. Once emergency needs are met, case managers work with the clients to address and remove barriers. Collaborative agreements with other service providers and in the business community allow us to stay abreast of the local labour market and refer clients to jobs or additional training opportunities in areas such as health care, hospitality, truck driving, security and food service. Direct hire agreements with area employers improve our clients' chances at getting a job in this job market. Similar agreements with landlords and property management companies allow us to help our shelter residents quickly move into stable housing. Because JHP provides ongoing assistance to our clients after they find jobs and/or move into permanent housing, the employers and landlords are assured that our clients will get the support they need to keep their jobs and/or be good tenants.

In 2012, JHP's programs sheltered 382 individuals and families, found employment for 329 people, and helped place 275 people into permanent housing.

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