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International Budget Partnership (IBP)

Organización sin fines de lucro

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The International Budget Partnership collaborates with civil society around the world to analyze and influence public budgets in order to reduce poverty and improve the quality of governance.

What Does the IBP Do?

In order to achieve its goals, the IBP works in five major areas:

  • Building budget analysis and advocacy skills through training and technical assistance
  • Measuring and advancing transparency, accountability, and public participation in the budget process
  • Contributing to strong and sustainable organizations by providing financial assistance for civil society budget work
  • Enhancing knowledge exchange among civil society budget groups and other public finance stakeholders by acting as a hub of information on civil society budget work
  • Building vibrant international and regional budget networks

The IBP's work in these areas is channeled primarily through two major initiatives – the Open Budget Initiative and the Partnership Initiative – that are assisted by two service programs – Training and Communications.

What Is the Impact of this Work?

The IBP and its civil society partners contribute to reforms in how governments around the world manage public funds so that:

  • budget processes (how budgets are proposed, debated, implemented, and evaluated) are more transparent and open to public input;
  • budget policies (who will pay what taxes, or how much money will go to specific programs) effectively address the needs of the poor and marginalized; and
  • budget rules, regulations, and institutions are stronger and better able to resist corruption and mismanagement and ensure more effective and efficient use of public resources.

Learn more about the IBP and civil society budget work.

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