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Volunteer Society Nepal

Organización sin fines de lucro

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Volunteer Society Nepal was founded on a belief that we could do more for volunteers, and simultaneously do more for the development of our home-country

During the decade long civil war from 1995, Nepal's fragile economy was shattered. Already poor families now had even bleaker opportunities for a decent livelihood. Children and women became even more vulnerable to abuse, exploitation, family separation, recruitment for conflict-related purposes and illegal detention. This merely compounded the issues associated with Nepal's long history of caste discrimination and social marginalization, which causes immense disparities within society.

At the height of the conflict in 2004 we gathered a team of Nepalese development workers, including social activists, international and national volunteers because we believed we could combat the prevalent shortages of Education, Health and Women's Rights in Nepal more efficiently than the existing international organizations

Our Objectives:

  • MAXIMISE VOLUNTEER IMPACT: Enable international volunteers to make a significant contribution to the ongoing development of Nepal
  • IMPROVE EDUCATIONAL STANDARDS: Develop the strength and capacity of Nepali children to work towards their own development and that of the nation as a whole
  • EMPOWER WOMEN: Work with women to develop their economic and social independence through education and skills training
  • PROVIDE SKILLS TRAINING IN POOREST COMMUNITIES : Help train, educate and support the poorest communities to allow them to manage their own development projects

Volunteer Society Nepal's achievements so far:

1. The Career Building International Academy: A charitable school

In 2006 we set up the CBIA scho0l in Pepsi-Cola Town Planning, Kathmandu. The school educates over 300 pupils from 5- 16 years old. The school provides an opportunity for children from all social and economic backgrounds to receive a high quality education. The school supports 40 disadvantaged children on fullscholarships.

2. The New Life Children's Home: Love and care for orphans

In 2005 VSN set up the New Life Children's Home in Pepsi Cola Town Planning. This is home to 12 very energetic and lovable children from 4-13 years old. We provide everything they need; food, clothing, love, education and a warm bed. The orphange is managed by Gelu Sherpa and has one live in ama (mother) and two full time didi's (older sisters).

3. Health Clinics: Free healthcare for poor communities

With funds raised through volunteers VSN has managed to establish two health clinics to support the health needs of low income families. One is based in Pepsi-cola Town Planning and the other is minutes away. In both clinics a sliding scale fee system means that everyone can afford the facilities they need. We are also establishing a much needed health clinic in Pokhara. Watch this space!

4. Womens' Groups: Education and skills training for dependent women

In Pepsi-Cola Town Planning VSN runs a tailors shop that trains and employs women who have been left by husbands they were dependent upon. We also run Nepali and English literacy classes for any women who want to attend within the community. VSN also supports skill training groups for low income women in Bhaktapur. Alongside these projects Volunteer Society Nepal provides donations to other charitable organisations in need. These vary from medical supplies to health clinics to building whole classrooms for schools. VSN currently provides medical checks, education, fresh fruit and vegetables and clothing support for over 100 orphans.

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