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The Mighty Pen

Organización sin fines de lucro

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The Mighty Pen was created to address the lack of opportunity for children in the developing world that don't have access to even the most basic forms of public education. Despite talent and drive, these children can never exit a cycle of underachievement without learning the conceptual skills they need to help them get ahead.

We are driven to make a difference for the scores of children that aren't given the tools they need to build a better life for themselves.

This is where The Mighty Pen mission was born: to be a global leader in providing local language literacy programs to empower youth.

Having started with the Nepali community, The Mighty Pen expanded to the Tibetan community of Boudhanath in 2011 and is currently exploring opportunities to launch its award-winning program elsewhere, including among Canada's First Nations.

Click here to read a message from our founder, Chris de Eyre.


The Mighty Pen was started in 2003 by Chris de Eyre, who decided that he would do something about the lack of opportunity he witnessed firsthand while volunteering with youth in Nepal. Upon his return to Toronto, he recruited fellow students Kaila Mintz, Marlon Hylton, and Melissa Romulus and together they launched Tempus International, now known as The Mighty Pen.

Today, Canadian youth help us promote literacy around the world. With the support of a dedicated team of volunteers and local development experts, we connect with the people and places that can benefit most from our projects.


The Mighty Pen has no paid staff. Our volunteers donate a total of approximately 2000 hours of their time each year. This all-volunteer structure allows us to operate efficiently and effectively, achieving maximum results at minimal cost. By eliminating expenses such as salaries and rent, we are able to apply close to 100% of the funds we raise directly toward supporting local language literacy programs.

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