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mySociety's mission is to help people become more powerful in the civic and democratic parts of their lives, through digital means.

We do this in three ways:

1.) We build websites that make it easy for people to write to their politicians, get potholes fixed, get public transport irritations resolved and extract information from governments.

2.) We provide consultancy, bespoke software development and software products to organisations keen to meet the expectations of digital natives.

3.) We develop free and open source software for individuals and organisations around the world who want to build copies of the sites we build.

We believe that strong democratic accountability and a thriving civil society are vital to our common welfare, and that these cannot survive where people do not engage with government and communities.

We work online because we believe that the internet can meaningfully lower the barriers to taking the first civic or democratic steps in a citizen's life, and that it can do so at scale.

We are legally part of a charity. We raise money for our activities from two sources. About half comes from donors, large and small, and the other half comes from profits created by our wholly owned trading arm, mySociety Ltd.

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483 Green Lanes, London, Reino Unido


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