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    Publicado el 24/08/2015

    Oportunidad de empleo | Brooklyn, NY, US

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The United Community Centers, Inc. was originated in 1954. the founding members were residents of public housing projects in the East New York section of Brooklyn. Their purpose was to create an arena for educational, recreational and social activities which would meet their needs and not be segregated by race, ethnicity or religion. the by-laws state that the purpose of the center is "to organize people to take and active interest in community affairs and to become involved in the improvement of the community, borough, city, state, nation and world."

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Número de identificación del gobierno: 11-1950787

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ucceny.org, www.eastnewyorkfarms.org

Teléfono: (718) 649-7979

Fax: (718) 649-7256

613 New Lots Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11207, US

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