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Growth and Development Services, Inc. (GDS)

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Growth and Development Services (GDS)

Please Join The GDS Team!

Growth and Development Services (GDS) empowers individuals to make unprecedented life transformations by providing them with the inspiration and means to discover and sustain purpose, pride, and hope – in themselves, their families and in the community.

Since 1996, GDS has provided holistic recreational and therapeutic services to help youth and families that are challenged by emotional, behavioral, educational, and social issues. GDS programs provide the opportunity to reach their potential will be pioneering one of the first therapeutic after school programs with Quiet Time. GDS has two core programs.

Youth & Family Services provides in-school, after school and summer programs. Recreational activities and counseling services strengthen students' core abilities, improving their physical/mental health and help them to become leaders in our community. Caregivers receive supportive services, playshops on effective tools for parenting and stress relief.

GDS Training Institute provides internships for aspiring youth workers and mental health professionals from leading graduate programs. They receive training and hands-on experience in most effective therapeutic approaches in working with challenged youth and families that culminate in a Certificate of Completion.

GDS has created a therapeutic and recreational model called The Reach Your Potential (RYP) Model, This comprehensive approach provides individuals with the tools to cope with life's challenges and helps individuals transform their lives.

Because of our outstanding track record, the David Lynch Foundation (DLF) recently selected GDS as a program partner to pioneer one of the first therapeutic after-school programs with Quiet Time in New York City. Combining both proven approaches will improve physical/mental health and bring stress relief to schools and communities.

In the words of a GDS Team member;

"Thank you GDS, this has been the most incredible place to work, I have learned so much about myself and the nonprofit world. l thank you, this has been my best internship and working experience I have ever had, it wasn't for GDS I would not be moving onto my doctorate, thank you Dr. Gary and Theonyl. Being part of this GDS Team has transformed my life. I hope I find another workplace like GDS when I finish graduate school". ....A GDS Intern

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  • Community Advocate - Oportunidad de voluntariado

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    New York, NY, US
    Serve as an advocate on behalf of children and families and link to resources. Ability to conduct groups and educational workshops as needed. Conduct outreach...

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