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Organización sin fines de lucro

Última modificación: 18/12/2014 02:12:55


MODEL stands for Making Opportunities by Developing Emerging Leaders. We chose 26 for Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


Develop leaders capable of developing viable solutions to the pressing issues of poverty facing and the blatant disparities in access to quality education and resources, thus creating lasting change in our global society.


Idealism: Seeing the world as it should be.

All too often we hear that we should have a "realistic" view of the world. At MODEL26, we believe that you must be able to see your goal if you are to accomplish it; you must be able to envision the world that you are striving to create. You must be an idealist.

Compassion: Caring about the needs of other.

Countries no longer live in isolation. Due to many technological developments, we are able to contact and visit others around the world. More importantly, we are aware of the struggles that our fellow man faces every day at every corner of the globe. Here at MODEL26, we promote a selflessness that allows us to be empathetic and sensitive to the needs of our global brothers and sisters.

Change: Believing in it and working for it.

If we seek to successfully change the world, we must know that the change we desire is possible. At MODEL26, we know change is possible, which makes it that much easier to work for change daily.

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    New York , NY, US
    Dyci Manns image

    Dyci Manns

    Atlanta, GA, US

Información de contacto

Fecha de creación: March 25, 2010

Número de identificación del gobierno: 272256292

Email: Ingresa para ver las direcciones de email. Ingresa para ver las direcciones de email.

Sitios web:

Teléfono: 7707788425

Atlanta, GA, US


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