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Silver Lining Villages, Inc.

Organización sin fines de lucro

Última modificación: 05/06/2014 22:44:48


Silver Lining Villages' mission is to serve displaced and overwhelmed veterans, active service military and their families, to provide them with alternative means for dealing with Post Traumatic Stress, homelessness, hopelessness and joblessness. It is upon these premises that our life skills academy is built.

We teach expansive thinking, sustainable life skills, entrepreneurial skills, nutrition, organic gardening, sustainable construction, substance abuse training through affiliate treatment facilities and our base of alternative stress reduction techniques. We help displaced veterans find new ways to look at their passions in life, and make them work for them so that they want to keep going. We also provide stress reduction retreats for veterans, families of military and active duty military, as well as those affected by MST (Military Sexual Trauma).

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  • Holistic Military/Veterans Retreat Organizer - Oportunidad de voluntariado

    Última actualización:
    Atlanta, GA, US
    Retreats for Active Duty Military, Veterans and Families of Military We conduct our own retreats for Silver Lining Villages, as well as design and carry out re...

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