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Charity World

Organización sin fines de lucro

Última modificación: 18/12/2014 03:36:28


Charity World's mission is to fundamentally improve the quality of life for poor, distressed and underprivileged people around the world by providing the following basic life necessities in sustainable and adequate amounts: food, clothing, shelter, health and education. We are a comprehensive service provider, dedicated to improving the quality of life for people around the world. Charity World operates 5 programs in support of our mission:

Charity Farms = Provides Food

Charity Clothes = Provides Clothing

Charity Communities = Provides Shelter

Charity Cures = Provides Health Items

Charity Vision = Provides Education

All Charity World programs are offered completely free to poor, distressed and disadvantaged individuals. Charity World headquarters are located in San Diego, California and we currently have active Charity World Chapters in Chicago, Illinois and Danbury, Connecticut. In 2013, we will begin international operations in Tijuana, Mexico and Liberia, Africa.

Charity Farms Program

The Charity Farms program distributes fresh fruits and vegetables to poor, distressed and disadvantaged individuals, at no cost. Currently, the Charity Farms program operates by collecting donations of fresh organic and conventionally grown fruits and vegetables from individual property owners, gardeners and farms. We then distribute these donations to poor, distressed and disadvantaged individuals. In 2013, Charity Farms anticipates opening a nonprofit agricultural operation where we will grow fresh fruits and vegetables to distribute at no cost to poor, distressed and disadvantaged individuals.

Charity Clothes Program

The Charity Clothes program distributes used and new clothing to poor, distressed and disadvantaged individuals at no cost. Charity Clothes currently has a supply of donated new and gently used clothing that we distribute to the homeless. In addition, Charity Clothes volunteers periodically construct and distribute handmade clothing items (hats, scarves, gloves) on a small scale and distribute these items to people in need.

Charity Communities Program

The Charity Communities program provides community building events and educates the poor, distressed and underprivileged on how to locate and obtain low cost and long term housing. In 2014, Charity Communities intends to implement a rental assistance program for poor, distressed and disadvantaged families. The rental assistance program will include Charity Communities offsetting the cost of participant housing, while equipping participants with the knowledge and opportunity to gain employment and education. Upon completion of the rental assistance program, Charity Communities intends for recipients to be adequately educated and coached so that they can sustainably house themselves.

Charity Cures Program

The Charity Cures program distributes health and hygiene educational material and packages to the poor, distressed and underprivileged, at no cost.

Charity Vision Program

The Charity Vision program provides free educational classes and educational materials to poor, distressed and disadvantaged individuals, such as educational classes on career opportunities, resume building, agricultural operations and environmental science. In addition to free educational classes and educational material distribution, Charity Vision is in the process of developing a distance based multi-disciplinary educational program, entitled Survive and Succeed. Survive and Succeed will target poor, distressed and underprivileged youth, specifically those located on Native American Indian Reservations. Survive and Succeed will offer monthly curriculum modules to program participants and all educational modules will include an interactive task for the participant to complete. Upon completion of the task, the participant will receive the next educational module and a small, incentive based prize for participation. The Survive and Succeed pilot program will be launched in 2013 and intends to include the following educational modules: financial literacy; computers and technology; environmental science; working and entrepreneurship; health; relationships; creativity and innovation; leadership; identity; college and other educational opportunities; global connection; and cultural awareness..

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Fecha de creación: 2010

Número de identificación del gobierno: 45-3098762

Email: Ingresa para ver las direcciones de email.

Sitios web:

Teléfono: 619-977-2011

PO Box 13501, El Cajon, CA, 92022, US


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