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Peace Tree Africa Partnership

Empresa social / consultoría ONGs

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Incorporated in 2011, PEACE TREE AFRICA PARTNERSHIP (PTAP) is a burgeoning business that aims to connect Cameroonian artisans to U.S. and other markets overseas. We operate on the basis of a fair trade model with one objective in mind: the promotion of sustainable development through fair wages and sensitive employment practices.

PTAP envisions a more sustainable, peaceful Cameroon where our artisans earn according to their ability. By employing Cameroonian artisans in a fair trade model, PTAP wants to achieve a triple-bottom line that:

1. Provides fairer wages and employment practices for Cameroon's artisans

2. Empowers Cameroonian women by making them key decision-makers

3. Advances peace and sustainable development through job growth

PTAP plans to sell handcrafted merchandise that ultimately includes accessories, some clothing and market bags, furniture, jewelry, and traditional art.
In addition to its for-profit activities, PTAP partners with PEACE TREE AFRICA (PTA), its sister 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that funds sustainable development projects in Cameroon.

Below is a list of PTA's current and future projects:

• The installation of solar panels at the Kentaja Orphanage in Bandzuidjong

• The Matango Moto Project, through which PTA helps farmers sell their palm wine in new markets, both around West Africa and Cameroon

• The support of Peace Corps Partnership sustainable development projects coordinated by Peace Corps Volunteers currently serving in Cameroon

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