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The ACLU of Maryland (ACLU-MD) is the Maryland state affiliate office of the American Civil Liberties Union. Our mission is to ensure that all people in the state are free to think and speak as they choose and can lead their lives free from discrimination and unwarranted government intrusion. The ACLU-MD engages in constitutional and civil rights litigation, legislative analysis and lobbying, and public education on a wide range of issues.

Beyond the defense of First Amendment rights for which the ACLU is best known, the ACLU-MD has taken on major initiatives on behalf of citizens who are racially, politically and economically disadvantaged. The ACLU-MD is pursuing precedent setting lawsuits challenging segregation in Baltimore's public housing, inadequate funding of Baltimore's public schools, and racial profiling by the Maryland State Police. Beyond those lawsuits, the ACLU-MD's docket addresses almost every area of constitutional and civil rights law, including freedom of speech and association, freedom of religion, race and gender discrimination, privacy, police misconduct, the right to vote, due process, lesbian and gay rights, prisoner's rights, the rights of persons with disabilities, criminal procedure, and access to public records.

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