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About Internews Europe

Internews Europe is an international development organisation specialising in supporting independent media, freedom of information and free expression around the globe. The vast majority of our programmes are targeted at crisis-hit populations, emerging democracies and some of the world's poorest countries.

We believe access to information and resilient local media are key to good governance, access to human rights, conflict resolution, effective response to humanitarian crises and public understanding of critical issues such as climate change.

Internews' media development and information access projects ultimately enable people to hold their governments to account, to develop tolerant and prosperous communities and rebuild lives and livelihoods following destabilising conflict or humanitarian disasters.

The power of new technologies to analyse, distribute and publish data and information is creating significant opportunities to support our beneficiaries.

Our programmes increasingly amplify, therefore, the reach and impact of local media through the innovative deployment of new digital technologies (internet, mobile, and social media) to create dynamic and inclusive local information systems.

Every year our work empowers and builds the capacity of dozens of independent media organisations and hundreds of local media professionals in some of the world's most challenging environments.

We are creating a new generation of professionals that combine a solid grounding in sound, ethical journalism with skills in the new digital communication technologies to support their local citizens and consumers.


Internews Europe was founded in Paris in 1995 in the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Union and communist Eastern Europe.

Our founders, a cross section of highly respected European and international media experts, shared the vision that the media not only had the role of reporting events but also had the potential to promote peace and reconciliation. They believed the media and the enlightened use of new communications technology could be supported to empower civil society organisations, increase democratic development and improve access to human rights.

Among the original team was the founder of our US based sister organisation, Internews Network, with whom we maintain a major strategic partnership and a number of joint programmes and projects.

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