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American Altruist

Organización sin fines de lucro

Última modificación: 05/06/2014 22:44:44


American Altruist allows business owners to connect with American people through peer to peer lending. Its American Altruist goal to combat the high number of unemployed workers here in the United States. American Altruist targets self employed individuals and microbusiness owners, many of which are run by women, other minorities, and people with low to moderate income levels. The United States un-emloyment rate is growing at a faster rate than most imagined. With this continuing decrease of employment of workers the country continues to struggle, yet most of the jobs with the most growth in United States (retail services, grocery, health care, biotech, security industries) pay less than a livable wage. Faced with this wage situation and cost of living(which is 41% higher than the national average) many low to moderate income persons are turning to self-employment as an alternative.
Cumulatively, microenterprises employ thousands of people, feed and educate their families, and sustain the vital informal economic infrastructure of the Untied States. These enterprises are owned and operated by hardworking men an women whose ethnic and cultural backgrounds reflect the community's rich diversity. American Altruist clients may be seamstresses, daycare providers, carpenters or hairdressers, all working hard to earn an income that will help them build a better future.
In order to maintain and grow their businesses, American Altruist borrowers often need very small loans to acquire basic working capital, to make improvements to their workspaces, to purchase equipment, and/ or to buy inventory in bulk quantities. Quantities of loans range from $300-$50,000. The majority of loans ranging between $1500-$2500. Repayment rates are an outstanding 98.1%. Become an altruist today! Be part of a group of people looking to change America. With a little help American Altruist and you can start to put Americans back to work.

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Gente de American Altruist

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    Marakristine Manansala image

    Marakristine Manansala

    San Diego, CA, US
    Seguidor, Miembro o estudiante, Voluntariado
    Austin Ashline image

    Austin Ashline

    San Diego, CA, US
    Seguidor, Miembro o estudiante, Trabaja para la organización, Voluntariado, Donante

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619 417-2135
3639 Midway Drive Suite B #289, San Diego, CA, 92110, US
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