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Freedom and Fashion is a fashion-oriented, creative arts ministry and organization that serves as a resource hub for fair-trade businesses and non-profit organizations working to combat modern-day slavery, human trafficking, child labor and human rights violations.


Freedom and Fashion (FnF) is dedicated to educating society about the global social issues of modern-day slavery, sex trafficking, child labor, and human rights violations. FnF addresses these injustices through the purchasing power of conscious consumerism, by increasing the demand for socially-responsible and ethically-produced goods and ensuring they are readily available to consumers. Driven by our mission, FnF's work is grounded in our three organizational goals:


FnF believes in educating the public about the hard facts of social injustice. There are more slaves today than in the Transatlantic Slave Trade. Human trafficking alone is a 32 billion-dollar industry. We want to show people how the purchases we make, the things we watch, and the events in which we participate can affect those who are oppressed. We advocate using your freedom and purchasing power to give freedom to others and begin making your fashion statement against companies who violate labor laws and the standards of fair trade.

Promotion As a hub for fair-trade, Freedom and Fashion showcases businesses and organizations that are already doing the front line work of educating, producing and empowering. FnF promotes these organizations and raises awareness for their cause on the runway, in our magazine, on our blog, and in our short films. In addition, people can purchase fair-trade friendly and cause-conscious merchandise on the day of the fashion show at the adjoining vendor fair.

Love At the core of FnF's values is God's love. We believe in the call to action — to love the poor, the needy, and helpless, as exemplified in His word. At our events, we want to create an atmosphere that empowers guests to act, not out of hatred, but out of an understanding that power in the wrong hands can produce injustice. We want all attendees to become educated about their own purchasing power and how it can be used to make a statement beyond just fashion.

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