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EdTec's Mission is to support the Charter School movement by providing high-value back-office and related professional services to charter school clients that value a business approach and outsourced solution.

We value quality and integrity in our external and internal relationships. We measure success by the advancement of our clients and the charter school movement, by the growth and satisfaction of our staff, and by a balanced return for our stakeholders.

EdTec was founded in 2001 by Joshua Newman to serve California's charter schools' back-office business service needs. Josh recognizes that like any small business, charter schools need an experienced administrative staff with specialized business skills but cannot afford to bring that staff on board. EdTec was founded to be the "business office" for independent charter schools and provide small schools with the business expertise they require. By serving multiple clients, EdTec has the economies of scale to hire experienced personnel who specialize in different areas of school management and can develop benchmarks of best practices in school management. EdTec has assisted over 100 charter schools from San Diego to northern California. EdTec also is a partner and sponsor of the California Charter Schools Association, administering membership benefits such as teacher personal liability insurance, and providing consulting services.

Josh was recently elected to serve on the California Charter School Association council, a body that helps set policy for the charter school movement in California.

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