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TreeYo Permaculture

Empresa social / consultoría ONGs

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TreeYo Permaculture is a team of ecological educators and designers committed to the regeneration of ecosystem elements such as water, soil, and trees. These topics comprise three of the 14 chapters in the inspirational and defining book, Permaculture: A Designers Manual by Bill Mollison, the co-founder of Permaculture. As a team, we recognize the interdependence of these factors and are committed to reforestation, heightened water quality, and the proliferation of soil microbes so that ecosystem services perform at maximum efficiency and rehabilitation ability. Consequently, our work is guided by the patterns of nature and utilizes a unique approach to creative education and functional design. This ultimately leads to a more permanent culture where humans are nurtured by and enhance their surroundings as well as their relationships with each other.

Our Services//

The TreeYo Permaculture team facilitates educational courses including two-week intensive Permaculture Design Certificate courses (PDCs) as well as short duration workshops, presents lectures at events and conferences, designs and consults for individuals, communities, or businesses, as well as implementation of design elements, on-site applications and trainings. We most often work as a team but members of our team will work on individual projects and may also collaborate with other teachers at times. We like to think of ourselves as part of the overall Permaculture guild, each having unique interests and talents that support the others while striving for the same common goal. The result is the creation of a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

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