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Hispanic Information and Telecommunications Network

Organización sin fines de lucro

Última modificación: 28/03/2013 20:23:53


Hispanic Information and Telecommunications Network Inc. (HITN) is national public media entity with various technology related, not for profit, business activities.

HITN-TV, one of its business activities, is a PBS-like television network. It is the first and only non-commercial network targeting the US Latino Market, reaching over 40 million households throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. It service is distributed over the largest television platform in cable, satellite, Telco's and internet. It also provides its viewers with content that "educates and entertains" consistent with its mission "to advance the educational, socio-economic and cultural aspirations of the US Latino community."

HITN is also the leading organization providing educational services, through technology, to the Latino community in the United States. HITN was recently awarded a major five-year, competitive grant from the US Department of Education Ready To Learn (RTL) program. As the grant recipient, HITN is responsible for developing educational trans-media applications to develop English language skills, early literacy skills and early math skills for pre-school aged children, with a specific focus on addressing the learning needs of Latino youngsters. This is first time in the history of Ready To Learn, that a Hispanic organization is responsible for creating RTL content. HITN is also developing educational digital media content. This content, HITN Learning, targets educational institutions and students, at home. It will be distributed through multiple platforms, including its own cloud based infrastructure.

HITN is the largest Educational Broadband Service spectrum (EBS) holder in the US, which is licensed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). In partnership with Clearwire, HITN is providing wireless broadband connectivity to educational institutions throughout the country and Puerto Rico.

And lastly, CBO's Connect, a multimedia platform connecting predominantly, Latino serving community based organizations, to deliver educational and other informational services and an engaging and interactive way. This hybrid technology delivery network provides courses in collaboration with community colleges and universities.

Together, these assets provide the basis for an unprecedented opportunity to help fulfill its mission, which is to advance the educational, socio-economic and cultural aspirations of the Latino community.

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