Coredrite Sustainable Development Initiative and Environmental Protection (CSDI-EP)

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Aims and Objectives

  1. To assist and support people in agriculture, agro-industry, cottage industry in rural areas in developing countries to encourage the drive for innovation in those sectors of operation for alternative income generation and implementation of sustainable resource management.
  2. To provide funding and assistance to individuals, cooperative groups engage in small and medium enterprises to develop their full potential to improve their economies.
  3. To raise funds to assist deprive communities with the provision of schools, resource centers, shelters, clinics, recreational facilities and other social amenities that will enhance the development of the people.
  4. Partner with industries to invest in deprive communities, rural areas, suburban communities to improve the lives of the people, create jobs to accelerate growth and development.
  5. To provide information technology systems for access in remote, deprived, un-serve communities to facilitate communication, commerce and development.
  6. Sponsor training activities for individuals, groups, and also fund people, institutions engaged in research activities with logistics and equipments.
  7. Promote, support the extensive use of solar energy for power, energy saving products, wind power as energy and other forms of renewable energies for power.
  8. To raise funds to support the development, management, conservation of forest, water resources, renewable energy and other natural resources; conservation of the environment through re-vegetation, afforestation, surface water pollution control, industrial waste pollution control, land degradation control, protection of flora, fauna by raising biodiversity awareness.
  9. Raise funds to assist in the provision of portable water for rural, un-serve communities such as drilling of boreholes, supply of water purification systems, irrigation for agriculture and other water utilization systems.
  10. To collaborate and partner with individuals, groups, institutions, corporations, organisations who share our common objectives to develop projects, programs, organise workshops, conferences, seminars, exchange programs, training activities for capacity building and developmental purposes.
  11. To donate to charity, relief and disaster effort.
  12. To raise and establish funds for awards, scholarships, special innovation and developmental purposes.
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Información de contacto

Fecha de creación: February 2011

Número de identificación del gobierno: No. G.35,310

Teléfono: +233 261676875 / +233 554434687

PMB KA 72,, Airport - Accra, Accra, Greater Accra Region, Ghana

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