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New Jersey Legal Services' core mission statement is "Just Justice". Legal Services seeks to secure equal substantive and procedural justice for all economically disadvantaged people. To achieve this core mission, there are three distinct goals which round out Legal Services' statewide mission statement: 1. Legal Services must function as a concerted, coherent, closely coordinated legal assistance delivery system, the hub of a broader legal assistance delivery network and partnership, to achieve full access to equal justice for all economically disadvantaged people. 2. Legal Services must develop the resources necessary to achieve this vision, and must target those resources, and use them as efficiently and effectively as possible, to achieve the greatest measure of equal justice. 3. Legal Services must incorporate the views of its service consumers and key partners, as appropriate to their experience, stake and role, in making major decisions about how to design and implement its system of services

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Teléfono: 732-572-9100

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100 Metroplex Drive, Suite 402, Edison, NJ, 08817, US

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