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Helping Hand Ghana is a German based volunteering organization founded with the desire to help the disabled and vulnerable in Ghanaian society. Our aim is to recruit volunteers all around the world to assist Ghanaians, especially in rural and deprived communities, in terms of education and health

Are you looking for:
A unique lifetime experience that you will never forget?
The opportunity to live in another part of the world experiencing a totally different culture?
A chance to confirm your passion for the less privileged and the disabled?
A way to make a difference whilst experiencing life in a developing country i.e. Ghana.
Then you are at the right place.
Volunteering with Helping Hand Ghana gives you an ideal opportunity to have a rewarding and life changing experience. As a volunteer in Ghana, you will gain unparalleled access to a country that is rich with the traditions of West African Culture.

As a volunteer, you will be placed in an area of your choice. These includes:-

ORPHANAGES: This involves washing, feeding, playing with and taking care of children between the ages of a day old, 5or 6 years old. Experience is useful but not essential.
PRE SCHOOL: This involves singing, playing and taking general care of children between the ages of 6 months – 5 years. One does not need much experience to work there, interest is more important.
PRIMARY SCHOOL: This involves teaching children between the ages of 6-12 years. To work there one must be specific on what he/she wants to teach.
JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL: This involves teaching teenagers between the age of 13 – 15 years. Recommended for trained teachers or people mastered in a particular field of study.
SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL: This involves teaching teenagers between the ages of 15- 18 years. Recommended for trained teachers or people mastered in a particular field of study. You can can also teach them Computer skills
HOSPITAL / CLINIC: Work ranges from taking of history to examining patients and delivering babies. Recommended for people with backgrounds in medicine, nursing and public health.
AIDS PROJECT: This involves targeting, organizing seminars and publishing material to educate people about AIDS. Recommended for people with a strong background in the English Language and good writing skills.
REHABILITATION CENTRE/PHYSICALLY HANDICAPPED - This involves mainly vocational work. Recommended for people who can teach vocational skills.
CENTRE FOR THE VULNERABLE - This is for volunteers who are interested in HIV campaigns. There is an orphanage attached.
CONSTRUCTION: The work here is more physical and may involve loading and off-loading material and equipment, mixing and carrying of concrete as well as digging.
WATER AND SANITATION: This involves provision of Safe drinking water to villages. -Recommended for people with a geological or public health background or somebody who can write and publish material to educate people on sanitation.
COMPUTING-OFFICE: Recommended for people with either a soft or hardware background as well as people good in typing.
LEGAL AID: This involves working for people who are less fortunate to hire lawyers to represent them. Recommended for people with a background in Lawyer.
SMALL SCALE BANKING (RURAL AREAS): Involves working with a rural bank. Recommended for people with backgrounds in Accounting or Banking in Finance.
WILDLIFE CONSERVATION: This is for volunteers who have conservation, forestry or Agriculture background. Sometimes if a volunteer do not have the background but shows a lot of interest he/she could learn on the job.
The duration of programs varies from 4 weeks to 1 year. The age range is between 17 - 80 years.

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