Friends of Choice in Urban Schools (FOCUS), District of Columbia

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FOCUS is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization in the District of Columbia established in 1996. Since its founding FOCUS has worked with the D.C. government, the Congress, the press, and the public to increase their understanding of and support for public charter schools, which now enroll approximately 39% of all D.C. public school students. FOCUS has been the charter schools' advocate and problem solver, going to bat for them to equalize funding, free up school buildings for their use, and defeat attempts to inhibit their autonomy. FOCUS is also the District's one-stop charter school startup center. FOCUS provides aspiring charter school leaders with the tools and guidance necessary for creating successful charter school applications and for opening outstanding schools.

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1436 U Street NW, #204, Washington, DC, 20009, US

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