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PelotonU is a higher education pathway where students live, work, and learn alongside a mentor and community of peers. They will also graduate with an accredited degree debt-free and build the skillset and self-awareness to succeed professionally and contribute to their community.

Here's our four-pronged approach:

1. Online Education: Online degree programs offer flexibility, proven learning, and lower cost towards a degree. We'll provide a pathway towards an accredited degree in business through New Charter University.

2. Group Support: Students succeed when working together towards a shared outcome. Participants will live together as a cohort while pursuing their education.

3. Mentor-Led: Students benefit from accountability and tutoring. Our resident mentor adds structure to the online education and teaches a life skills curriculum.

4. Part-Time Employment: Relevant work experience helps students develop critical skills for long-term success. Their salary offsets the majority of living costs.

The combination of these four strategies ensures greater accountability, individualized direction, and added structure for each student.

PelotonU emphasizes thoughtful writing and creative problem solving to foster a toolkit applicable across careers. Students craft short and long-term goals to align with their strengths and aspirations and give back to their communities. If students embrace the program then we ensure their education is debt-free.

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