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Mission: Mali Health's mission is to reduce maternal and child mortality in resource-poor communities in West Africa. To achieve this, Mali Health implements replicable programs that improve access to quality primary care at low costs, while increasing the capacity of and participation in local health systems.

Vision: We envision a world where health systems can meet the basic needs of the poor and eliminate preventable death, effectively treat disease and enhance self-efficacy and dignity for mothers and children.


  • We work to overcome barriers in the workplace, in the field, and in the cultural and political landscapes, achieving success through unremitting dedication.
  • We invest in local resource development, particularly among our staff and field workers.
  • We hold ourselves accountable for measurable results, including financial performance.
  • We leverage innovation, addressing existing causes of poor health through new frameworks.
  • We empower the poor, particularly women, as a catalyst and complement for lasting change.
  • We concentrate on supporting marginalized populations, expanding the zones of social and financial inclusion.

Our major programs include:

  • PAQ and Project Izumi: In close collaboration with community stakeholders, Mali Health aims to improve the quality, capacity, and accessibility of care at local health clinics. By pursuing small, but achievable improvements every day, we will improve the range and quality of care available to community members while lowering prices to encourage individuals to seek care at the first sign of illness.
  • Action for Health: A team of highly trained Community Health Workers conduct free, in-home visits with poor families to monitor the health, growth, and development of young children and pregnant women. The CHWs teach families how to prevent common illnesses and can connect families with local clinics when more advanced care is necessary.
  • Communications & Advocacy: We firmly believe that true and lasting change must come from within a community, itself. We spark dialogue around health system improvement by teaching families how to prevent common illnesses and giving them the tools to take a bigger role in managing health efforts in their community.
  • Health Savings: Groups of women come together weekly to to learn about important health and financial topics. These women pool their small savings into a collective account, from which group members are eligible to withdraw no-interest loans to cover their family's unexpected health expenses, or interest-bearing loans to pursue income-generating activities. It is our goal to foster women's independence and social position within the family, as well as helping to boost and stabilize families' incomes.

Profil de l'organisation:

Le Mali Health Organizing Project est un 501(c) 3 à but non lucratif, fondée en 2007, qui travaille à améliorer les soins de santé maternelle et infantile dans les zones à faibles ressources urbaines de Bamako, au Mali. Nous croyons que les résultats de santé durable misent sur ​​l'implication de toute la communauté et nous nous efforçons d'améliorer la santé par:

  • Favoriser l'agence des résidents et des structures communautaires à se mobiliser pour répondre aux besoins de santé communautaires
  • Promouvoir l'éducation sanitaire, la prévention et la recherche des soins précoces
  • Améliorer l'accès financier, géographique et culturelle aux soins de santé pour les familles pauvres.
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Fecha de creación: 2006

Número de identificación del gobierno: 20-5917332

Email: Ingresa para ver las direcciones de email.

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Teléfono: 617.475.0995

P.O. Box 426081, Cambridge, MA, 02142, US

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