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Turn-A-Frown Around Foundation, Inc.

Organización sin fines de lucro

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19/01/2013 20:30:10
TAFA ha dicho
Ending loneliness, one friendship at a time.


They told us we were crazy. We told them that we are crazy enough to care.

Since its inception in August 2001, the Turn-A-Frown Around Foundation, Inc. has brought love and laughter to those in nursing homes, psychiatric wards, and related facilities. A staggering 50% of nursing home residents and 75% of psychiatric patients will die without a friend each year. TAFA realizes that this problem is too major, and the solution too simple, to ignore. TAFA's mission is to assist people living with psychiatric and physical disabilities who have lost hope or feel isolated and friendless, by connecting them with a Forever Friend. Forever Friends develop friendships through personal visits, phone calls, and even email.

TAFA was founded by Drew Horn, W.C. (World Changer) after discovering the secret of compassion and unconditional love. Having been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, Drew has overcome his fair share of battles with loneliness and isolation and encourages all not to define themselves as their illness. Read more about him here.

TAFA's vision is to populate the world with Smile Stations, a gathering of Forever Friends whose sole mission is to end loneliness, one friendship at a time. The first successful Smile Station was founded on the Montclair State University campus in Montclair, NJ in April 2011. The organization is thriving and Smile Stations are gaining popularity across the country.

Watch our 2009 Voice Awards nominated video, Crazy Enough to Care ( Also nominated in this category were Law & Order SVU, The Mentalist, Grey's Anatomy, House, and the award-winning documentary Boy Interrupted.

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Clifton, NJ, 07013, US
Fecha de creación:
August 2001


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