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Tele-Free Company, Ltd

Empresa social

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Tele-Free Company, Ltd here after referred to as Tele-Free is a company organized and existing under the laws of Cameroon following the Organization for the Harmonization of Business Law in Africa "OHADA" and particularly the Uniform ACT relating to Commercial Companies and Economic interest Groups.

Tele-Free Company was founded after a major research on key products that make poor people poorer such as GSM mobile phone calls in Africa done by the volunteers of the Global Education and Environment Development Group (GEED) commissioned by Jude Nforngang the Executive Director.

Tele-Free Company is aimed to build affordable alternative communication networks for destitute people, provide healthcare, rehabilitation training centers, class rooms, local access roads and bridges in remote poor underdeveloped rural villages and provide a forum where tourist and volunteers from the developed nations can visit remote rural poor villages in Africa and assist local people while having fun and relief away from the pressures of the developed world and or complete the academic research work in a relaxed tropical natural environment.

Every Tele-Free product you purchase will enable the GEED Group provide quality charity ICT training and if possible with a free iPad, PC or laptop to a destitute school child in the most poorest remote rural village in Africa. Please donate if you can.

The Tele-Free Company was founded as a fundraiser tool to provide the funds needed to provide charity to the GEED Group (GEED-Foundation) projects as a result of the many problems faced in raising funds from now limited donor givers.

It was found that it is much better that participants to our projects are aware of the financial contributions they may have to make to be able to participate actively in our charity projects given the limited funding means available prior to their arrival. This could only be better done in a legal frame work of a limited liability company in Cameroon such as the Tele-Free Company, Ltd. Every activity and product is therefore invoiced with the local Value Added Tax paid locally where applicable by the client. Thank you for participating in providing this much needed charity in Africa through our Tele-Free Company products.

If you are an organisation, we encourage you to consider hiring one or more of our experts to do paid services or install you our free calls cloud phone system from which funds raised will assist our charity work projects in Africa. We can install phone system remotely via the internet without needing to physically come to your location. Imagine the amount of funds you will save from calling your co-workers within your office network and even to their homes free and with this savings you can make donations and contribution to help destitute people in your immediate community or somewhere in the world.

You can learn more about our New Information Communication Technology Products and our new Village Tourism Project from our company website by a click on

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Sitio web:
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Ref No TPPRR: RC.BDA.2010B.002
Mile 2 Nkwen, Bamenda, Bamenda, North-West Region, BP 5027, Camerún
Fecha de creación:
06 Jan 2010


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