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AMARA SERVICE CENTER (AMARA) is an initiative program of Land Is Life, a non- political affiliated and non-profit organization. Land is Life was established on January 1, 2006 and was granted a full recognition by the Ministry of Interior on March 30, 2006. Land is Life works to support the vulnerable and marginalized target communities to protect and optimize their natural resources with a sustainable manner in order improve their livelihoods.

Mission and goal

AMARA's mission is to offer best quality and alternative services to both local and international individuals and organizations to become a professional and brilliant career through "learning and acquiring experiences". Without discrimination against race, color, class, sex, and religion, AMARA's believes that creating an enabling environment for its clients to engage in the Cambodian social activities and to learn through job placements and exchanging experiences and cultures with the three sectors, civil society, public, and private sectors contribute to protecting the environment, which in turn promoting human rights and living conditions of the vulnerable and marginalized communities.

AMARA has professional team and full-time staff members who have more than ten years of experiences. They specialize in their own particular fields and practical experiences they gained from different sectors. AMARA's team and staff members are always initiative and creative. They sincerely work and always keep closely in touch with its clients.

Local hosts and networks

The local host partners who AMARA's volunteers will stay or have placement with are: Public Sector (Departments of the ministries), civil society (NGOs and union federations), and private sector (Companies and enterprises).

AMARA also works as a partnership with various companies, non-profit organizations, and trade union federations and also has cooperation with Phnom Penh Chamber of Commerce, Junior Chamber International Cambodia, and the various business associations.

AMARA has two main departments: 1) Consultancy & Training Department and 2) Learning & Acquiring Experience Department

Consultancy & Training Department aims at providing different types of consultancy & tailored training courses and mentoring to its clients so they can equip with necessary skills for their best job performance and successful businesses. AMARA provides call - upon and home delivered services in different thematic areas such as research, project cycle management, evaluation, baseline survey, proposal development, strategic planning, accounting, and translation.

Learning & Acquiring Experience Department

AMARA offers a wider range of services through the reliable local hosts and tour guides. The services include tourism travels, cross-cultural exploration, field based learning, free-time volunteer activities, individualized placements, and other services as per special needs of its clients. The programs that AMARA offers are follows:

  1. 1. Own Tourism Travels
  2. 2. Volunteer Activities
  3. 3. Placements

Furthermore, AMARA is involved in various social activities such as community development, climate change adaptation and mitigation, natural resource management, educational improvement, livelihood enhancement, social accountability and good governance, labor conditions' enhancement, human-trafficking protection, and so forth. Still, AMARA is a member of the national and international NGOs, including the Southeast Asia Committee for Advocacy (SEACA), NGO Forum, Oxfam GB, Silaka, and other union federations. Since now AMARA is not supported by any donors, the revenue from its services is paid for the administrative and program operation and a part of it is also reserved for the Children Protection Foundation (CPF). AMARA welcomes to the financial supports of charity, foundation, donors, or generous individual to this foundation.

Last but not least, AMARA takes seriously the social responsibility, withholds the labor condition standards and the laws of the Kingdom of Cambodia, and always act against all illegal actions.

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Fecha de creación: 2006

Número de identificación del gobierno: 433 SCN

Email: Ingresa para ver las direcciones de email.

Teléfono: +855 12 834 029; +855 98 834029; +855 888 834029

#81A, St.344, Boeung Salang, Toulkork, Phnom Penh, 855, Camboya

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