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Whole New World Foundation

Organización sin fines de lucro

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17/01/2013 17:59:57
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The $1 million Children's Prize is open until May 1, 2013. Apply Now!!


About the Whole New World Foundation:

Through public-facing competitions and applied science fellowships, Whole New World Foundation (WNWF) leverages the creativity and experience of a global community to save lives, improve health, and reverse damage to natural ecosystems. Our model unites the power of human competition with the hyper-connectivity of the information age to crowdsource the most promising solutions to important challenges. Winners then enter into a collaborative relationship with us to execute their vision. While fostering innovation, the company thinks like an engineer, placing its strongest emphasis on efficiency and insisting on accurate and scientific estimates of impact before a project is advanced.

Whole New World Foundation is a diversified private foundation with annual grant outlays of US $1 million. Working with a small staff, the foundation created the global, $1 million Caplow Children's Prize in 2013. Based in Miami, WNWF works closely with a major local science museum, academic medical, engineering, and science departments, and the local entrepreneurial community. All of the Foundation's activities will be consolidated under a new, public-facing brand to be unveiled later this year, focused on our unique approach to engineering solutions to important problems.

WNWF founder Dr. Ted Caplow is an engineer and entrepreneur with a background in renewable energy, hydrodynamics, and sustainable food production. He created the Science Barge sustainability platform in New York City, founded New York Sun Works and BrightFarms Inc, patented the Vertically Integrated Greenhouse, and produces a series of documentary films about sustainable seafood.

About the Children's Prize:

The Children's Prize is a novel humanitarian contest to save children's lives. A $1 million prize will be awarded to the best plan for preserving the lives of children who would otherwise die before the age of five.

The project is structured as an open web-based contest, with eligibility extending to everyone, both individuals and organizations, across the world. Proposals will be evaluated on the basis of the number of potential lives saved, the probability of success, and the ease of verification. The winner will receive funding to directly execute the life-saving interventions outlined in their submitted proposal.

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