Association des Volontaires MUCI (Mouvement d’Unite de la Communaute par l’Integration)

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The AVM's principal objections are: to promote voluntarism, recruit volunteers, organize trainings and give assignments to the volunteers, for work in the MUCI movement.

The MUCI (movement of unity of the community through integration) is a non- profit, non-political association of Haitian citizens volunteering their time and expertise over the past thirty years to work directly with the poorest Haitian entrepreneurs and peasants by providing them otherwise unobtainable financing and technical training.

All the MUCI's work emanates from a simple idea : the crucial first step to overcoming poverty is organizing poor communities for development.and to effectively organizing a community better.

By involving poor people and more or less rich people in Haiti and abroad, you make projects and program more effective, you tap a community's tremendous capacity for self-help and, perhaps most important, you develop what every community needs : strong institutions and effective leaders.

M.U.C.I. works in three ways to help develop these institutions and develop poor communities.

  • 1. We help people find the hope, vision and ability to help themselves.
  • 2. We study, elaborate projects, help create development institutions for the poor, organize training, give technical assistance, develop the MUCI Bank of the poor to give the poor access to credit.
  • 3. we also work as a bridge to the outside world.We work to give poor people and their organizations a voice on issues that concern their communities.


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Fecha de creación: MARCH 14, 1980

Email: Ingresa para ver las direcciones de email.

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Teléfono: (509) 2245-6719 / 2245-6544 / 4842114 / 6046998

Ruelle vaillant # 30 côté droit, Avenue John Brown, Port-au-Prince, Département de l'Ouest, HT-6110, Haití

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