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Amor Infinito (Ecuador Equine Experience)

Organización sin fines de lucro

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01/12/2012 01:19:28
EEE ha dicho
There are more neuronal connections in our brains than there are atoms in the universe. Be bold. Make wildly improbable goals.


Located in Montanita, Ecuador, Amor Infinito seeks to re-establish a relationship between this small beach town's children and a more sustainable way of life--a life where humans, the earth and the animals are cared for with mutual respect. Rapid growth of a local tourist industry led a large percentage of Montanita natives to abandon traditional farming and fishing practices in search of "fast" money via employment in local bars, restaurants and as alcohol vendors. This swift change has left the local children lacking even a memory of the former relationship between the natives, the land and the animals that was once so precious. Through permaculture, art and equine therapy, our free program aims to re-create a conscious youth culture that knows what it means to give and accept love, and will accordingly lead Montanita into a more sustainable future.

We seek to further unite the community with the help of interns and volunteers with experience in animal sciences, communications/marketing, journalism, and art.

Project Amor Infinito is our umbrella organization while Ecuador Equine Experience is one facet of the program.

For more specific details on internships and costs, check us out here:


Former Blogspot:


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