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Bayou City Service Corps

Organización sin fines de lucro

Última modificación: 25/02/2013 19:03:43


Bayou City Service Corps exists to provide young adults the time and space needed to search for truth, work for social and economic justice, live in community, and be challenged into a more deliberate way of life.

With a high job growth rate, opportunity for career advancement, and numerous institutions of higher education, Houston attracts young adults in droves. As they move to Houston, wide-eyed and ready to chase dreams, they stare into the face, not only of opportunity, but of institutionalized injustice and social, economic, and environmental un-sustainability, and they want to do something about it. Increasingly, young people desire a different, more deliberate way of life focused on community and social justice.

BCSC is an eleven-and-a-half month fellowship program for young adults, ages 19-32. Each fellow will work forty hours/week for eleven months in a non-profit, religious, or government organization that works to address the needs and challenges of the Houston community. The fellows will live together, share meals together, and undergo a curriculum rooted in leadership development as well as spiritual and vocational discernment. Through Bayou City Service Corps, The Episcopal Diocese of Texas aims to equip a generation with both the skills and passion to inspire and infect our communities, congregations, and the Diocese at large with a hunger for true justice.

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Sitio web:
1225 Texas Ave, Houston, TX, 77002, US
Fecha de creación:
November 2012


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